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To ensure Wysong users of quick delivery on manufactured parts, we inventory in excess of $3,000,000 in current production parts.



When ordering parts, be sure to include the following:

  1. The Wysong shear or press brake serial number
  2. The shear or press brake model number

    The drawings to the right shows the location of serial number and model number.
  3. Call Batavia Machinery Parts & Service

For Batavia Machinery, Inc

CALL: 1-877-528-2809
FAX: 775-746-2499


If ordering from a Wysong parts manual, provide the item number, part number and description. Provide the serial number and model number. The machines to the right show the probable location of this information.

If your machine does not have a nameplate, you may find the serial number in the following locations:

Press Brakes — Right hand side of the bed, just below the die holder.

Shears — Top right hand side of the bed, just to the right of the side gauge.



CNC Gauging for Shears
H25 & H50 Series CNC Hydraulic Shears
H-52 Hydraulic Shear
Air Shears
Electro-Pneumatic Clutch Assembly – 001
Electro-Pneumatic Clutch Assembly – 202
Electro-Pneumatic Clutch Assembly – 204
Old Brake Assembly for Shears
Hand Brakes
H-20 Ton Hydra-Mechanical Press Brake
H-40 Ton Hydra-Mechanical Press Brake
90 - 1S Press Brake
90 - 2S Press Brake
150 - 1S Press Brake
150 - 2S Press Brake
Double Endframe Shear
Single Endframe Shear
H60 Press Brake
HS-760 - RKB
HS-1260 - RKB
XCell Press brake
MTHII Hydraulic Press Brakes
MTHII-HS (THS) Hydraulic Press Brakes
PH CNC Press Brakes
Back Gauge for PH Press Brakes
PHP CNC Press Brakes
RT4 CNC Press Brakes
FAB50 Press Brakes
FAB80 Press Brakes
F800 Back Gauge for FAB50/FAB80
BG-3 Back Gauge for FAB50/FAB80