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Wysong Shears & Brakes - CALL US TODAY 877-528-2809

When your work is interrupted by a machine breakdown, there is no time to waste with people who may know how to fix it. Go straight to the experts to service your  machines and feel confident that you are in the best hands possible.

From backgauges to blades for all types of shears and control upgrades, we work to meet your needs and keep your machines running the way you expect. Our technicians are here to work through problems with you over the phone and find the exact part that will bring your machine back to working order.



Single Endframe Mechanical Shear

Old Brake

Hseries Parts List

HS 760 RKB

HS 1260 RKB

H52 Parts List

Ep204 Parts List

Ep202 Parts List

Ep001 Parts List

Double Endframe Mechanical Shear


Airshears Parts List


Press Brakes:

Xcell Pressbrake

RT4 Parts List

PHP Parts List

PH Parts List

Mthhs Parts List

MTH Parts List


H60 Pressbrake

H40 Parts List

H20 Parts List

Fab800 Parts List

Fab80 Parts List

Fab50 Parts List

Bg3 Parts List

Backph Parts List

90 2S Pressbrake

90 1S Pressbrake

150-2S-Mech Pressbrake

150-1S-Mech Press Brake