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South Bend Lathe Parts

The best and fastest way to get information on our Parts Program is to call: 

775-746-2433 or  775-746-2499.

If you would like Parts, we will need the serial number of your lathe, which is stamped on the tailstock end of the bed between the flat- and v-ways. E-mail your requests to


Thank you for your inquiry. To order parts for your South Bend machine you will need to have the exact part number. If you don't have the exact part number you will to order a parts manual book. Below are the two

most common manuals.

PSBCE3458- This manual covers the following machines Heavy 10, 13”, 14-1/2”, 16” and 16-24” 

PSBCE3455- This manual covers the following machines 9” and 10K

*If your machine is not listed please call our parts department for assistance 775-746-2433.

If you have the part numbers and are ready to purchase your part, serial card or manual give us a call.

If you are still in need of assistance please call


Best Regards

South Bend Lathe Company


South Bend Lathe Service

To get answers to your technical questions, call

1(877) 528-2809 or 775-746-2433

For service related inquiries, please email your request to