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22 Gauge MB Brake

The MB 22 Gauge Brake is designed for race car body fabrication. This design is not only economical, but also includes some of the same quality features of our Ultimate Box & Pan Brake. Both Brakes include legs. The 96” Includes 1/2” Upper Radius Bar. The Upper Radius Bar is optional on the 72”. (mounting holes are pre drilled in 72” brake)

2800-7222S Sheet Metal Straight Brake 72" wide - 22 Gauge Capacity $1,095.00

2800-A310-72 Radius Brake for 72" 22 Gauge Brake 1/2" x 72" Long    $   150.00

2800-9622S Sheet Metal Straight Brake 96" wide - 22 GA Capacity      $1,875.00