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CALL US TOLL FREE 877-528-2809

We are very proud that as our company has grown, so has the service department.  Unlike other machine tool manufacturers who rely on their dealer networks or independent servicemen for all service expertise, we keep all service "In-House".  This should show all our customers and potential customers that we are in business for the long haul and take pride in doing business the "RIGHT WAY".  


We now have a very extensive field service tech network covering most areas of the country.  If you need a tune up, parts, preventative maintenance (PM), or parts we are here to help.  If you have questions about running our saws, call us toll free @ 1 (877) 528-2809 and we will help in every way possible.


Unlike our competitors, all our hydraulic machines come with installation by one of our factory trained service technicians.  We coordinate the arrival of the tech with the arrival of your saw, complete the installation, then train your operators.  We stay until your people are ready.  Nobody offers this exceptional service.


If you want to set up a yearly maintenance of your saw or need a tune up immediately, we can schedule one of our techs to fit your schedule.  We even try coordinate PM visits with multiple companies in your area to keep costs down. Once again it is our trained experts making your saw as close to new as possible.


Batavia Machinery performs the tough job of getting you the right part for your specific band saw model.  They are a tremendous source of information, especially since they have dealt with so many parts inquiries for so many years.  You are definitely in good hands with these great members of the HE&M team. E-Mail Us at ERIC@BATAVIAMACHINERY.COM